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Gonorrhoea Treatment

Our team can prescribe and supply antibiotics that are effective in treating gonorrhoea. This service is suitable for you only if you have already been diagnosed with gonorrhoea or if you are a partner of someone who has been diagnosed with gonorrhoea

The most reliable treatment for Gonorrhoea is with an injection of an antibiotic at your local clinic. However we are happy to prescribe you tablets

Please endeavour to confirm the success of your treatment by taking a test 2weeks after at your local clinic

Treatment prices (total fee)

The antibiotics which are taken as a one-off dose costs £50.00 = ₦12500

Treatments available

The treatment consists of two different antibiotics, given as two tablets each. All four tablets need to be taken together at the same time.

Side effects from taking this antibiotic combination may include stomach upset, diarrhoea, nausea or vomiting, loss of appetite or rashes

Alternative treatments

A single intra-muscular injection of another antibiotic is now recommended as the first line treatment of gonorrhoea. This injection you can only obtain from your local clinic

About Gonorrhoea

Gonorrhoea can be dangerous if left untreated. More dangerously, it often does not show any symptoms. Where there are symptoms, in men the most common symptom is painful urination. In women, the symptoms are less evident but may also include painful urination and a discharge from the vagina. Although women feel few or no symptoms, they are vulnerable to serious complications than men and this include infertility

Gonorrhoea can cause a throat infection as a result of oral sex. Please not that our antibiotic treatment will not treat a throat infection

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