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Facial Hair Reduction

Our doctors can prescribe and supply Vaniqa® cream, a popular treatment that has been proven to suppress hair growth effectively.

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Key information

Treatment prices (total fee)

Vaniqa® cream (1 x 60g tube) costs £109.99

A single tube should last you up to a year.

Treatments available

Vaniqa® cream 60g tube (contains eflornithine 11.5%)

A thin layer of cream is applied to affected areas twice daily. Vaniqa® cream works by diminishing the growth of facial hair, removing the need for cosmetic hair removal.

Vaniqa® usually shows an effect within the first month of treatment and it has been proven to work in women of all ethnicities.

The most common side effect that may occur when using Vaniqa® cream is acne. Skin irritation, burning, stinging or rashes are possible.

Alternative treatments

Various cosmetic treatments such as tweezing, shaving, waxing, depilating or hair removal creams are used to remove unwanted facial hair.

About unwanted facial hair

some women suffer from excessive facial hair growth. The reasons are usually simply an imbalance of female and male hormones in the body although rarely an underlying medical condition may be the cause.

Various methods are used to remove facial hair regularly (tweezing, shaving, waxing, depilating or hair removal creams).

Vaniqa® cream works differently: it blocks an enzyme which is involved in the production of the hair shaft by the hair follicle, and thus reduces the rate of hair growth.


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