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Contraceptive Pill

Our doctors can prescribe and supply a three or six month course of your current contraceptive pill, avoiding the need to visit your clinic.

Treatment Prices

  • Order 3 month supply..........£33.99 = ₦8500
  • Order 6 month supply...........£35.99 = ₦9000

About Contraceptive Pill

When taken exactly as prescribed, the effectiveness of the pill is almost 100percent Most women do not experience side-effects from using the pill, particularly after the first few months. If side effects persist, it is advisable to switch to another brand

There are rare but serious side effects e.g DVT or clotting, heart attacks or strokes

Alternatives to the pill

Alternative methods of contraception include the use of condoms, the coil (or IUD), contraceptive injections and contraceptive patches

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We will respond to your request within 6hrs, if you have any questions, you can message a doctor after completing your assessment. If you are suitable for treatments, we will provide you with a list of treatments that you can order


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