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Target Patients

DrKay can help:

  • If you are interested in the listed services below
  • If you are an adult aged over 18 years old
  • You can also send drkay or our pharmacist a message if your query is not listed

DrKay cannot Help:

  • If you require emergency help
  • If you are under 18 years old

About us

Services we render

Dr-kay service offers customers aged 18 and over online medical consultations followed by prescription only treatments where suitable. Our Pharmacists offer advice and referral on minor ailments and services which are not specified on our list.

Who We Are

Drkay service is delivered with the support of Pemiron Limited. Pemiron Limited is a provider of medical services, and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission under company number RC1225543.

DrKay's doctors and Pharmacists are fully registered with the Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria and the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria respectively. Any prescription or advice to patients will be accompanied by the name and MDCN or PCN registration number of the doctor/pharmacist providing the care. They are also registered and regulated by the General Medical Council and General Pharmaceutical Council (Great Britain)

Our Approach

We take a careful approach to online healthcare. If you complete a consultation but our team feel you are not suitable for this treatment, we will inform you . Please note that the consultation payment is not refundable.

Our consultations are based on guidelines which have been developed according to clinical best practice. Where in doubt we will refer you to a Doctor or consultant for a face-to-face consultation. Dr-Kay makes it clear that we do not render emergency services.

We like to keep things simple. We will communicate with you in clear language and provide information about your condition as well as any treatment you have ordered. When it comes to prices, we have no hidden fees. No additional consultation, prescription, or postage and packaging fee - just one price.

Drkay will be donating a set percentage of profits generated to registered charity of choice every year.